Brand Substance
Brand substance is a big idea about the need for companies to create positive change for people, communities and wider world. Find out more about what it means and how it works here.
How It Works
The relationship between people and brands is changing. Thinking about your brand image is no longer enough. You need to focus on the substance.

Brand substance is about building brands by creating positive change on three levels:
ME - for people as individuals
MY WORLD - for the communities they are part of
THE WORLD - for the world they live in
Brand Substance Wayfinder™ is an exciting new strategy tool from Given. We don’t like to overegg our own work. But we do believe that Wayfinder represents a genuine breakthrough in expressing an opportunity for all brands to make positive purpose a central aspect of their marketing efforts and leverage the work they’re already doing around sustainability and responsibility.
"Brand Substance Handbook"
An introduction to new ways of building brands, based on the value they can create in people's lives.

A Given presentation at Green Unplugged (June 2010)
Brand Substance Handbook
"Sustainability & Marketing"
Sustainability as a route to becoming a better marketer?

Marketing needs a radical rethink. Here, we argue that sustainability has lots of the answers.

A Given presentation for Ashridge Business School MBA programme
Making Marketing Better